UPA Chicago

The Evolution of Pool

SSR Legend

‚ÄčOS= Official Speed

SSR= Systematic Speed Ratio

ME%= Percentage of Matches Won

Shot%= Shot-Making Percentage

Break%= Positive Break Percentage

Foul%= Percentage of Games with Fouls Committed

MPG= Misses Per Game

SIQ= Strategy Intelligent Quotient (Safety I.Q.)

Summer 2015 8-Ball

Top Shot- Adam Borg (130pts)

Past Top Shots of 2015

Summer 2015 (Monday)- Adam Borg

Winter 2015 (Weds)- Tom Sattler Jr.

2015 Stats

Final 2015 Session Standings

Top Shot- Tom Sattler Jr. (104 points)

Personal Stats

2015 Regional SSR Report

National Stats

Winter 2015 8-Ball