UPA Chicago

The Evolution of Pool

Top Shot- Henry Chan (59 points)

2016 SSR Report- 8-Ball League

National Stats

Summer 2016 Wednesday 8-Ball

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Spring 2016 Monday 8-Ball

Top Shot- Tom Sattler Jr. (70 points)

Top Shot- Matthew Borg (110 pts)

Summer 2016 Monday 8-Ball

Past Top Shots of 2016

‚ÄčMarch 2016 (Monday)- Henry Chan

‚ÄčApril 2016 (Weds)- Tom Sattler Jr.

August 2016 (Monday)- Matt Borg

2016 Stats

Personal Stats

Final 2016 Session Standings

Top Shot- Matthew Borg (111 pts)

Spring 2016 Wednesday 8-Ball